Sesderma Sensyses Liposomal Cleanser Ros 40001456


Healthy clean looking regenerated skin



Containing active ingredients such as azeloglycina, vitamin C and vitamin B3 liposomes, this product not only cleanses the skin but also works to restore a more radiant and even complexion. Retinal liposomes and vitamin C improve the skin tone, reduce redness and repair skin cells. New nanotechnology effortlessly removes both water and oil soluble impurities.

Benefits of Sesderma Sensyses ROS Cleanser:

  • Improves health and appearance of skin
  • Helps to produce an even complexion
  • Repairs the skin

How to use: Press the pump to soak the cotton wool and cleanse the area to be treated by rubbing with the cotton wool until traces of skin are removed.



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