Sesderma Celulex Belly And Hip Gel 40000243


For body care.


Fresh and easy to spread gel, indicated for the treatment of localized cellulite accumulated in the abdomen and hips.

There are areas on the body where cellulite is more evident and concentrated, like the abdomen, hips, and arms.

Aware of this distribution, Sesderma laboratories have developed a local care treatment, incorporating nanotechnology for enhanced effectiveness.

Celulex anti-cellulite gel abdomen and hips contains in its composition: Carnitine, caffeine, Ruscus and Retinol. And acts on the 3 causes of localized cellulite:

  • circulatory level, by reducing capillary permeability, favoring the circulation, elimination of retained liquids and improving capillary resistance;
  • the fat level, by improving the lipolysis of triglycerides;
  • the connective level, repairing and protecting of the collagen fibers.



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