Sesderma C-VIT Moisturizing Facial Cream 40002442


Anti-oxidising treatment for dry skin.



What can C-VIT Moisturizing Facial Cream be used for?

  • Prevention and treatment of cutaneous photo-ageing, especially in dry skin. A powerful anti-oxidizing cocktail with the latest generation vitamin C encapsulated in liposomes with a high level of skin penetration. Intense anti-oxidizing (capture of free radicals), lightening and anti-aging (increased collagen synthesis) action.

What are the benefits of C-VIT Moisturizing Facial Cream?

  • Vitamin C protects skin by neutralising free radicals, stopping oxidative damage to the skin layers. Stimulates collagen synthesis, whilst improving skin elasticity.
  • Skin moisturisation
  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-oxidising



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