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Natinuel FAT C.R.P. Normalize Adiposity Body 3x18ml 2 Vials


This is a face lypolitic Solution. It can be used on body too, however, the body one is more concentrated and gives better results on body.


Reduction of adipose tissue Natinuel FAT NORMALIZE C.R.P. BODY

When used on an excess of adipose tissue of the body, cell apoptosis allows the volumes to be reduced without harm.

Fat Normalize BODY contains vitamin C in the concentration necessary to stimulate apoptosis. Intended for the use on adipose tissues of the body. Affects all local adipose surpluses, modeling the silhouette.

BENEFITS: leads to adipocyte apoptosis and in consequence to volumetric reduction of treated areas

To prepare the product, mix two solutions in the package (18ml + 2ml), after which we use 1 ml of the product for each cm2 of the skin.
Inject directly into the adipose tissue with a 30G * 6-13mm needle.
The working solution remains effective during the day, at a storage temperature of +4 – + 5 °C.
If necessary, repeat the procedure after 7 days. The course consists of 3 to 6 procedures.


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