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BCN Arni+K 8091


Relieves irritation


BCN Arni+K is a specific, localised action cream for the improvement of epidermal alterations due to contusions, medical-aesthetic procedures, surgical interventions or cutaneous imperfections derived from cuperosis, rosacea, dilated capillaries or congestive complexion. Its formula with anti-irritant and soothing properties alleviate the affected areas. It contains arnica, vitamin K oxide, devil’s claw (harpagophytum procumbens), chamomile essential oil, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. BCN Arni+K delivers the following specific benefits:

Alleviates congestion, relieves irritation and soothes the skin.
Attenuates vascular redness and stains.
It helps to recover skin homogeneity.
It improves appearance, elasticity and coloration of skin areas affected by medical-aesthetic procedures.
BCN Arni+K is the indispensable cosmetic complement to your professional medical-aesthetic treatment. For optimal results, use it before and after treatment.


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