Spa Peel Pigmentation 40000873


Treat pigmentation of the skin to make tone more even


Spa Peel Treatment contains 3 key specific active ingredients. Based on a hydroalcoholic solution and indicated as preparatory scrub.

What does Spa Peel – Pigmentation contain?

  • Salicylic acid: powerful keratolytic action. Superficial action. Favors the penetration of the rest of the active ingredients
  • Pyruvic acid: desmoplastic action. Exerts its action from the deep epidermal stratus reaching the papillary dermis
  • Retinoic acid: orthodermal (maintains the epidermis in normal physiological conditions) and sebum regulating action..

What are the benefits of using Spa Peel – Pigmentation?

Use for:

  • Hyperpigmentations
  • Melasma (chloasma)
  • Pigmentations caused by perfumes or cosmetics

Directions for use

Cleanse area to be treated thoroughly, removing all signs of makeup. Then apply 2-3 coats of the peel, ensuring each coat is dry before applying next.

A light mask will slowly appear caused by Salicyclic acid crystallisation. You can either wash it off or leave it.



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