Philos Philos Fine Lidocaine (1×1.1ml)


Skin rejuvenation



Philos Fine uses non-animal Hyaluronic acid, an innovative natural product which allows spatial organisation of the molecules through the use of 4D-Matrix technology. The gel is made up of biodegradable elements to ensure it is completely compatible with the body.

Application is painless thanks to the needle using a lidocaine anaesthetic on the puncture site to prevent any sensation in the area, while the spatially arranged gel sets itself in the area comfortably in long chains which allow long-lasting results.

Benefits of using Philos include:

  • Precise contour filling of the area.
  • Excellent face lifting effects on the skin through the 4d-Matrix technology.
  • Pure properties of the gel protect the tissue from harmful effects of the bacteria.
  • Correction of wrinkles or skin defects on the applied area.


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