Nanomask Vitamin C 40000561


Antioxidant and revitalizing mask with bio-cellulose.



Absorbic Acid (Vitamin C) in Nanomask Vitamin C, takes effect immediately to refresh, lift and relax skin, whilst improving hydration, density and elasticity of the skin.

Protecting the skin from UV radiation and oxidative damage, collagen synthesis is stimulated. Skin is left moisturised because of the formation of lipid barrier on the stratum corneum, helping in the reconstruction and moisturising skin.

Increase the water retention in the skin – 30% increase in skin smoothness. Also reduce wrinkles increase blood flow, improve nutrition and oxygenation of the skin immediately visible and long-lasting effects


What does Nanomask Vitamin C contain?

  • Absorbic acid


What are the benefits of using Nanomask Vitamin C?

Use for:

  • Photoaged skin
  • Dull skin


Directions for use

Cleanse skin thoroughly, before applying mask, molding it to the face shape and contours.

Leave for 30 minutes before carefully removing and massaging the skin to finish off.



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