Nano Meso Solution Daeses 40000569


Treats flaccid or aged skin



DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) increases acetylcholine synthesis, stimulating the contraction epidermal keratinocytes (immediate lifting effect) and muscle activity (long-lasting lifting effect). Regenerates the dermal matrix favoring collagen neoformation and inhibiting protein cross-linking.

What can Nano Meso Solution Daeses be used for?

  • Treating flaccid or aged skin

What are the benefits of Nano Meso Solution Daeses?

  • Increases acetylcholine synthesis
  • Stimulates epidermal keratinocytes contraction (skin lifting effect)
  • Stimulates muscle activity for a long lasting lifting effect
  • Regeneration of dermal skin matrix to help new collagen formation
  • Inhibits protein cross-linking



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