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Meso CIT WH BETA-2 40002175


Treats wrinkles, flaccidity (body and facial) and chronoaging.


Repairs the dermal matrix, composed with Beta 2 growth factor encapsulated in liposomes, united to a powerful combination of moisturizing active ingredients, able to penetrate and act on the deeper layers of the skin.

The combination of various growth factors leads to positive synergies.

What does Meso CIT WH BETA-2 contain?

Mimetic Peptides
Hyaluronic Acid
TGF-Beta2 Growth Factor
What can Meso CIT WH BETA-2 be used for?

Wrinkles, flaccidity and chronoaging.

What are the benefits of using Meso CIT WH BETA-2?

Fibroblast stimulation increases collagen fibers and accomplishes the regeneration of dermal structures.
Increases cellular activity
Smooths and improves texture
Restores turgidity and elasticity


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