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BCN Eye Repair Patches 8095 4×2 hydrogel patches


BCN Eye RepairPatches represent a smart combination of anti-ageing, moisturising and nourishing active ingredients that fights against first signs of time and regains suppleness, firmness, hydration and energy to eye contour area.


BCNEYEREPAIRPATCHES are the essential care that, periodically or punctually applied, helps to fade appearance of expression wrinkles, loss of firmness and hydration of the delicate periocular zone. The eye contour area appears rested and full of vitality, recovering flexibility and firmness. Box with 4 treatments for the periocular area.

Active ingredients:

– Malted Barley Extract for its antioxidant properties that protects skin against free radicals and oxidative stress together with the action of stabilizer of collagen and elastin.

– Aloe Vera high purity powder, source of polysaccharides, vitamins, trace elements and amino acids very necessary to preserve integrity of the delicate skin of eye contour area

– An innovative mix of 4 Sodium Hyaluronate (HA) of different molecular weights to target different layers of the skin to replenish and hydrate, boost the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, attract and retain moisture to achieve gradually toned skin, softened and firmed.

Box of 4 treatments for the periocular area. Each sachet contains 2 hydrogel eye patches.


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