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Jalevel Meso Body Contour (5 Vials)


Fat deposits in the abdomenal, hips, sides areas and Fibrous Cellulite.


1 vial x 5ml

Main Ingredients: Aqua, Sodium Deoxycholate, Phosphatidylcholine, BnOH

This is an ideal meso cocktail for active adipose tissue lipolysis.

Deoxycholate is a direct lipolytic that has the ability to destroy the lipid membrane of fat cells, thus reducing the number of ‘fatty’ cells. Phosphotidylcholine contributes to the transformation of fatty acids into energy.

It is recommended for the therapy of fibrous cellulite and reduction of subcutaneous fat.

Jalevel® Meso Body Contour is designed exclusively for lipolytic body procedures, to reduce fat deposits on abdomen, back, hips.


Fat deposits in the abdomenal, hips, sides areas
Fibrous Cellulite


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