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Infini Premium Filler B Body (1x10ml)


Provides visible volumetric correction.


Infini Premium B Body provides visible volumetric correction thanks to an exceptional increase in tissue volume, which translates into an improvement of tissues to the desired degree.

The visibility and durability of the effect depends on the depth of application and the original state of the skin. Infinite Premium Filler Body injected into the skin increases the volume of the tissues and fills the corrected skin defect. The volumizing and lifting effect results from a high content of hardened hyaluronic acid and its ability to bind to water.

The product is gradually absorbable and the tissue enhancement effect lasts about 6-8 months and weakens over time. Regular complementary treatments make it possible to consolidate the effect of the correction.

Why use Infini B Body?
To give volume to flabby skin
For body shaping and reshaping
To increase the volume of the buttocks
To correct the shape of the calf
For a rejuvenation of the hands


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