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Neauvia Organic Intense LV (1x1ml)


For nasolabial folds

Neauvia Organic Intense LV has high viscoelasticity and high modelability. It gives deep tissue restoration of volume and correction: Intense LV is suitable especially for deep filling of skin depressions in strong aged skin, including:

  • deep wrinkles
  • nasolabial folds
  • cheeks
  • chin
  • nose modelling
  • face contouring

Benefits include:

  • This filler contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid – 26 mg/ml
  • High viscoelasticity
  • Fantastic voluminous results
  • Natural results

Neauvia fillers are biomimetic, thanks to the PEG-cross-linked technology, they have an high safety and tolerability profile.

Each Neauvia Filler reference is based on a specific combination of HA and PEG for different indications and injection planes.


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