Filorga Time Filler Eyes – 15ml


Create wider looking eyes that appear younger without dark circles



Filorga Time Filler Eyes contains active botox-like ingredient that minimises expression lines to make eyes appear overall wider. Working in combination with a unique peptide, Time Filler Eyes can make the skin around the eyes younger.

With a multitude of other features, upper eyelids become less saggier, hollowness disappears under the eyes and dark circles are eradicated too.

What do I receive in the box?

1 x 15 ml Time Filler Eyes

What are the Benefits of Time Filler Eyes?

Time Filler Eyes is recommended for:

  • Making eyes wider and younger
  • Uplifting eyelids making them less saggier
  • Reducing expression lines around the eye area
  • Eliminating dark circles using plant based ingredients
  • Eradicating hollowness under the eyes using plumping spheres

When should Time Filler Eyes be used?

Use daily in the morning and/or evening to see improved results over a number of weeks.

Pat on the contours of the eye area, including the root of the lashes.

Only a small amount is required.



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