Filorga Skin Structure – 30ml


A triple action serum for firmness, tightness and volume.



Skin Structure is a firming serum that tightens the facial contours.

The serum has a triple action function to provide:

  • Firmness: NCTF alongside a peptide collagen acid aid production of the support fibres within the skin
  • Volume: an active ingredient with Iso-Structure is responsible for creating density to plump up the skin
  • Tighten: skin is tightened and uplifted

What do I receive in the box?

1 x 30 ml of Skin Structure Serum

What are the Benefits of Skin Structure?

Iso-Structure is recommended for:

  • Firmness
  • Redefinition
  • Tightening skin
  • Increasing volume
  • All skin types

What results will I expect to see?

After just 8 days, you can see am 88% more firmer face; an 80% lifting effect and 60% more redefined volume.

Recommended usage: both morning and night



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