Dr Q Whitening Body Lotion (1x500ml)


For whitening



  • Dr. Q Xtreme Body Whitening Moisturizer contains many effective whitening ingredients. This is a delightful blend of components that promotes whitening, protection, rejuvenating and moisturizing properties. The system promotes elimination of melanin-charged epidermal cells, evens existing spots and prevents new spots from developing.

    For whitening, softening & firming effect, this paraben, mercury and hydroquinone and bleach free oil can be used to treat post laser hyper pigmentation, Post acne hyper pigmentation for back , chest, shoulders and post delivery darkening of the body.

    Ingredients: Arbutin – Azelaic acid – Licorice- Salsylic- Vitamin C – Kojic Acid – Mandelic – Glycerin – Jojoba Oil



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