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Dermica Acnezon (10x2ml)


Acnezon Therapy is recommended to treat and prevent acne on the face or the body and to improve the appearance of acneic skin, reducing the size of pores and minimizing scars or acne marks. NEW PACKAGING UPDATED SOON


Acnezon formula was developed to tackle the four factors that trigger acne:

Microbial colonisation
Acnezon Therapy is suitable for all forms of acne, including inflammatory and non-inflammatory types.

It reduces and regulates blackheads, oil and sebum excess, removes dead skin cells and bacteria, and provides an enhanced anti-inflammatory effect along with a keratolytic action that helps to normalize skin problems and restore skin tone and appearance. It also stimulates the creation of new fibroblasts and repairs blemishes and scarring, producing new collagen and increasing elastin production.


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