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TSK STERiGLIDE Cannula 27G x 38mm (1 1/2″) PRC- 27038ISG -020S


For smooth dermal filling without risk of bruising SCG -27038 -020 PREVIOUSLY KNOW AS PRC -27038ISG


Previously know as PRC-27038ISG

The Advantages of Using Cannulas Over Needles

Cannulas have become a sudden popular choice worldwide, due to less posed risk of bruising, which is common with needles. Cannulas also allow patients to be treated over a larger surface area of skin, achieved directly from a single site of injection. Resulting in less trauma and a more enhanced patient experience.

Introduced in 2012, the award winning STERiGLIDE cannula beats the performance of all other cannulas on the market, including TSK’s initial CSH cannula. The STERiGLIDE is still the market’s leading golden standard.

STERiGLIDE’s Outstanding Features

STERiGLIDE has overcome previous issues surrounding cannulas, including the challenge of being able to smoothly manoeuvre it beneath the skin whilst precisely injecting the filler.

All due to its cleverly designed tip, ultra thin wall (UTW), a patent external coating, the side hole mark and up to 50% improved gliding.

A dome shaped tip creating less resistance and chances of bruising. In addition, the cannula doesn’t require so much introductory force at the site of treatment.
Less product wastage as a result of more accurate delivery of gel. Medical professionals have a heightened sense of where the cannula tip end is.
A patent surface coating on the outer steel, which reduces friction between the skin, ensuring increased patient comfort. There is 50% better gliding beneath the skin as a result.
Clear marking on the side-port which allows for precise gel administration.


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