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Target nanopeel- severe pigmentation 40001023


Target nanopeel system mist kit

The Nanotech peel system with liposomal active ingredients act selectively on all types of pigmentations. Lighten Brown spots and even skin tone favor the cell turnover process, control the production of sebum, and reduce wrinkles.

The combination of depigmenting agents and retinol inhibit melanogenesis by blocking the enzymatic steps during melanin synthesis and accelerate cell turnover. Tranexamic acid blocks the formation of plasmin (plasminogen system) inhibiting the arachidonic cascade, and simultaneously the inflammation, and the angiogenic circuit. Accelerates the recovery of skin barrier function.

What does Target Nanopeel System Mist Kit contain?

Ácido Tranexámico
Ácido Azelaico
Diacetil Boldina
What are the benefits of using Target Nanopeel System Mist Kit?

Use for:

correcting dark spots
Directions for use

Thoroughly cleanse the skin before applying Ferulac Peel Classic. Massage until a white mask appears. Follow with 1-2 coats of Target Nanopeel Step 1.

Follow instructions included and continue with the remaining steps.


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