Skinfill Skinfill Silver Plus (2x1ml)


Cross-linked Hyaluronic Dermal filler



    • Skinfill Silver Plus features high-quality results with great durability of long lasting results. Offering maximum tolerability with cross-linked hyaluronic acid.

      A treatment specific for wrinkles and thin lines

    • Concentration: 15 mg/ml
    • Biofermentation product
    • BDDE cross-linking agent
    • Box of two glass vials of 1 ml
    • 4 needles of 30G
    • Injection level: superficial / mid dermis


Cross-linking Hyaluronic acid present in the dermis is physiologically attacked by endogenous hyaluronidase, enzymes produced by fibroblasts that degrade the molecule and determine its reabsorption quickly.

To reduce this inevitable process the molecules of hyaluronic acid are crosslinked with chemical agents such as BDDE or DVS.


  • Long lasting moisturization and hydration of the face, neck and décolleté.
  • Filling thin wrinkles: bar codes, periocular wrinkles, forehead wrinkles.
  • Average duration of treatment is 2-3 months


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