Propimask Healing 40000692


Treat damaged and cracked skin



Panthenol in the Propimask Healing Mask boosts epithelisation and skin healing, which further stops cutaneous degeneration, stimulating optimum moisturisation levels.

The soothing complex and bisabolol reduce inflammations, have emollient properties that relieve and soften irritated skins.


What does Propimask Healing contain?

  • 5% Panthenol
  • 2.5% Soothing complex
  • 0.1% Bisabolol


What are the benefits of using Propimask Healing?

Use for:

  • Damaged and cracked skin


Directions for use

Cleanse skin thoroughly, before applying mask, molding it to the face shape and contours.

Leave for 30 minutes before carefully removing and massaging the skin to finish off.



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