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Plinest One (5x4ml) WAS £51 NOW £43.35


Touch-ups, sagging skin, dry skin, reduced turgidness


PLINEST One 8 mg / 4 ml is a liquid gel based on polynucleotids for intradermal administration. Disposable sterile gel free of pyrogens. Due to the biochemical properties of the drug it has a moisturizing and trophic effect. It is used to improve the turgid, elasticity and skin tone of the whole body.


Mainly active substance Polynucleotids (PDRN)
deep hydration effect
Touch-ups, sagging skin, dry skin, reduced turgidness
Application Area Face, Body
Volume ml 4 x 5 vials
Country of origin Italy
Mastelli brand
Polynucleotids 2 mg / ml, water for injectable preparations, sodium chloride, sodium monobasic phosphate dihydrate, sodium dibasic phosphate dodecadrate.


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