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Natinuel Restructure Skin Lift (3x10ml)


Stimulates CD 40 fibroblast receptors, activates neogenesis of collagen type I and creates a positively charged acidic environment.


Bio-stimulation of type I collagen

Amino acid-based hypertonic solution having acid pH and irritating action. The irritating substances cause inflammatory reaction of the dermis. Activation of inflammatory condition mediators (interleukins) bind with CD 40, directing the collagen synthesis towards the creation of collagen with fibrogenic action.

BENEFITS: Stimulates CD 40 fibroblast receptors • activates neogenesis of collagen (type I collagen) • creates positively charged acidic environment, which facilitates the separation of procollagen’s carboxyl group fragments (negatively charged) being most favorable to the production of type I collagen.


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