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My Filler Revitalize Booster (4 Amps x 1ml) (4x1ml)


Booster is a protein composed by 53 amino-acids widely present in our skin. It increases keratinocyte proliferation of the corneal epithelium, endothelial cell and fibroblast


Indication: It promotes dermal repair increasing its self-regeneration rate.


1. Mix the content of 2 ampoules into a vial of My Filler Revitalize Pure.

2. Shake until an homogeneous emulsion forms.

3. Apply 2 ml of the solution with an applicator.

4. Repeat the treatment once a week at the previously treated surface. Booster is not injectable.

Contents: 4 ampoules with epidermal growth factor (EGF), an innovative protein that represents a revolution in beauty and regeneration treatments.

Packaging: 4 ampoules, 1 ml each. Expiration: 3 years.


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