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In Lab Medical Grow Factor GF#1 Luminous Perfection 10 Ampollas


Sterlie solution of vitamins and biomimetic peptide to the growth factors thats help restore skin processes and delay effects of aging.


GF1 growth factor, Anti-aging and rehuvenation

Multi-action anti-aging growth factor ampoules formulated from a mixture of vitamins, peptides and amino acids, Grow Factor helps in the process of skin regeneration and cell renewal, obtaining a more youthful, luminous and homogeneous skin.

Its formula, based on epigenetics, improves hydration and firmness, reduces the presence of expression lines and wrinkles and increases its firmness and smoothness.

It does not contain perfumes or additives.
Grow Factor does not irritate the skin.
Sterile non-injectable solution.
Use (According to the legislation of your Country)


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