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Dr Pen Dr.Pen Ultima – X5


Dr.pen Ultima X5 Rechargeable Microneedle Pens (Round Nano)


Dr.pen Ultima X5 Rechargeable Microneedle Pen Package includes: Dr.pen Ultima X5 rechargeable microneedle pen X5 Dream Pen*1 Cable*1 Adapter (according to your choice) * 1 Cover*1 Tray*1 Retail box*1 Advantage: 1. One-key switch, equipped with digital display gear, the display gear speed is more intuitive 2. Wireless charging, built-in 500mAh battery capacity, The longest working time can be up to 4 hours 3.6 speed settings, compared to 5 speeds, The speed is more refined, and the effect of treating problem skin is maximized 4. The needle is configured with 11 needles, 16 needles, 24 needles, 36 needles, 42 needles, nano needles, (optional) 5.16 needles have larger treatment area and thinner needles 6. The needle adopts three kinds of interface methods, and the triangular power transmitter design makes the force more even. 7. The curved needle surface design can smooth the uneven position of the skin during the needle insertion process


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