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Dermica Whitelan Cure Step 2 (10x2ml)


This is Step 2 of a skin lightening treatment for clinical use developed by Dermica Laboratoires Europe. It is a skin whitening formula for application (GoldPen), This type of treatment has a depigmenting effect. NEW PACKAGING UPLOADED SOON



Suitable for use on skin with dark spots, melasma and hyperpigmentation. Not suitable for very dark skin, Fitzpatrick types V and VI. Whitelan provides a newer, brighter complexion, helping regenerate and soften the skin while reducing wrinkles. Treats all kinds of dark spots. Reduces excess melanin production (hyperpigmentation) responsible for the appearance of melasma, chloasma and solar lentigines.

Melasma: General term used to describe discoloured skin patches or spots.

Instructions to use

Apply using mesotherapy or microneedling (GoldPen) techniques. Pay particular attention to areas with dark spots, chloasma, melasma or solar lentigines. For a general lightening treatment, a single application may be sufficient; in areas with hyperpigmentation problems, a second application will be necessary during treatment. Application can be repeated weekly until the melasma disappears; use of Whitelan Cure Step 3 by the patient at home is recommended. The use of high factor moisturisers and sunscreens is advisable.


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