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Cambderm Classic (1x1ml)


Cross-linked filler

Cambderm Classic is a global action product based on hyaluronic acid crosslinked with BDDE. This product will redefine the boundaries of aesthetics and introduce a new dimension of clinical safety, effectiveness, performance and longevity. Cambderm Classic is different. It comes from a trusted British biotechnology company. This product is again a result of the well-known DXN technology from Cambridge Biotech with further refinement of our formulations. Cambderm Classic represents an optimum balance of quality, performance, price and efficiency.

Cambderm Classic has been designed to enhance tissues with minimum adverse events. Being a global action product, most conditions can be treated using Cambderm Classic. It is recommended for treatment of wrinkles and lines, lip augmentation, nose augmentation, tear trough and even chin augmentation. The results are amazing and last for up to six to nine months. Cambderm Classic comes with sharp, thin walled, high quality 30G needles which make the product flow smoothly and as a result the procedure goes effectively for the patient as well as the practitioner. The viscosity and particle size of the gel are optimally designed for tissue adaptability and precisely controlled using special laser diffractometer technique.

Cambderm Classic is an amazing new product that will satisfy patient and clinician expectations to a very high standard.


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