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Bio Hyalux Deep Dermis (1x1ml)


For scars and wrinkles PACKAGING MAY VARY

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BioHyalux™Deep Dermis corrects scars and wrinkles with a concentration of 20mg/ml

BioHyalux™ is an injectable Hyaluronic Acid based dermal filler in the aesthetics market, which adds volume to the skin, smooths away facial lines and wrinkles, or creates and shapes facial contours. BioHyalux™ is provided in a range of products for superficial dermis, mid-to-deep dermis, deep dermis and lips.

After being injected into the body, BioHyalux™ will combine with soft tissue tightly, expanding the volume of the injected area to reach the effect of facial modification via physical filling. Since BioHyalux™ can be metabolized to CO2 and H2O as the original HA does in the body, it will not cause any residue.


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