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BCN Taurine 1% 8063 10x2ml


Anti-oxidant Solution


Anti-oxidant and detox solution with protective action over DNA. It is an important component in keratin synthetisation and basic for hair loss treatments.

This BCN Classics line preparation, within the range of Mesoceuticals®, is essentially a solution of taurine: an amino acid derived from cysteine, which is vital in keratin synthesis and promotes the nutrients circulation to the hair, facilitating the passage of sodium, potassium and magnesium ions into the cells. It focuses in hair bulbs, where the hair is born, preventing its deformation, prolonging its life and stimulating its growth. Taurine, applied on the scalp, reinforces hair mass and provides shine and volume to the hair, which grows thicker, healthier and stronger. It also reduces excessive fall. In addition, as a sulfur amino acid, it possesses strongly anti-oxidant and detoxifying properties. Applied on the skin, it acts as a revitalizing, especially on tired and aged skin, as well as on smokers skin or those exposed to contaminants.


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