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30G Sharp Needle TW (4mm) *M0289A* 100 needles


A 30G x 4mm dermal filling sharp needle with thin wall (TW)

M0289A – BOX OF 100 (15056030400091)

Sharp Dermal Injection Needle in 30G x 4mm, with thin wall.

Silkann is a complete range of sharp needles for the injection of dermal fillers for mesotherapy and wrinkle treatment.

The Benefits of Using Single-Use Needles

Reusing single-use devices can create serious infections such as risk of:

Cross-contamination and infection arising from a device which has not been designed to be cleaned.
Endotoxin reactions from excess bacterial breakdown which is not removal by cleaning.
Patient injury caused by dematerialisation of the device, due to sharp edges that have become dulled or fine tubes that become blocked.
Chemical burns due to a reaction of chemicals with the device during reprocessing.
About Sterimedix

Sterimedix, the manufacturers of Silkann, strive to improve their products by supplying innovative single use aesthetic instruments presented in user-friendly packaging. Sterimedix products are packed as single sterile blisters in space saving boxes designed for minimal waste.


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